Take a long look around that river or lake before you jump in. You never know what's lurking, just waiting for some tasty flesh.

Published 07-27-2018

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The dog days of summer are here and the heat is on. At this point of the year the family starts to get a little stir crazy from sitting inside playing on their smartphones all day.[slideshow:104482]

Now would the perfect time to get off the couch and plan a day trip to the coast or a lake or river.

After you unpack the car with your floats, folding chairs and beach blankets and claim your spot, you might want to wait a moment before diving in.

Don't let the cool, serene beauty of the lake fool you, because there's something in the water. Chances are pretty low that you'll have an encounter with one of these, and if you do, it likely won't be deadly, but read on if you like to know what's in the water.

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